National Wind Institute at TTU

Reese Technology Center at TTU for field measurements and laboratory studies

200-m tower

200-m tower for meteorological measurements

Ka-band mobile radar

Ka-band mobile radar on trucks


Computing Facility

High performance computing facility on campus

VorTECH Facility

The VorTECH Tornado Simulator

Wind Tunnel

The boundary layer wind tunnel

West Texas Mesonet

The West Texas Mesonet

Debris Impact Facility (DIF)

Debris Impact Facility (DIF)


Florida International University

NSF NHERI Wall of Wind (WOW) Experimental Facility (EF) for full- and large-scale testing

  • Up to Category 5 Hurricane Wind simulations
  • Multi-Scale Testing (full-, large-, small-scale)
  • Destructive Testing (to predict progressive failures in buildings and infrastructure elements)
  • Wind-Driven Rain simulations (to study water intrusion)
  • Non-synoptic downburst wind flow facility Automated roughness system
  • Automated 3-axis traverse system
  • Three component particle-image velocimetry (PIV) system and other state of the art pressure and load monitoring equipment

Wall of Wind

The 12 fans of the Wall of Wind


Wall of Wind

The building, operations and control center

Test Model

Model under test


Robotic Arm

The robotic arm for traverse wind measurement

Test model in WOW

A model for testing in the Wall of Wind


Test model of a high-set building

Testing a high-set building model in the WOW

Test model

Test model set up on the turn table in the WOW