Project WHIP2020_02 — PI: Doug Smith. Mentor: Tim Doggett; Berkshire-Hathaway Title-Prediction of wind and surge damage to buildings by hurricane.

Project WHIP2020_04 — PI: Seung Jae Lee and Amal Elawady. Co-Pl: Arindam Gan Chowdhury and Ioannis Zisis. Mentor: Karthik Ramanathan, AIR Worldwide. Title-Investigation of wind driven rain and wind-induced vibration effects on curtain wall systems.

Project WHIP2020_03 — PI: Arindam Gan Chowdhury and Ioannis Zisis. Mentors: Ming Shiao, GAF Materials Title-Investigation of wind performance of roofing elements using full-scale experimentation.

Project WHIP2020_06 — PI: Jean-Paul Pinelli. Mentors: Maurizio SAVINA and Karthik Ramanathan, Title-Estimation of interior and content damage due to wind driven rain ingress into mid/high rise buildings.