Director, National Wind Institute
Texas Tech University

  Anna Elizabeth Thomas



Ph.D., Higher Education - Texas Tech University, 2015
M.Ed., Education - Texas Tech University, 2010
B.S., Human Dev. & Family Studies - Texas Tech University, 2007


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Dr. Anna Elizabeth Thomas came on to the National Wind Institute team in 2012 and currently holds the title of Director (2019). She completed her Ph.D. in Higher Education Administration from TTU in December 2015.

In 2018, TTU's Vice President of Research appointed Thomas the Director of NWI. Since then, the Institute has developed the NWI Founders Board, refined its foci areas for research and is working to strategically grow the infrastructure and facilities to advance the research and education initiatives of the Institute.

Thomas is the chief administrator responsible for leadership, management, and stewardship of NWI's facilities, finance, personnel, and operation. She is also responsible for fostering strategic relationships with other research centers, universities, industries, government agencies, and national laboratories.

Thomas is tasked with maintaining and enhancing: NWI's national recognition in wind and renewable research, interdisciplinary involvement and engagement of faculty across colleges; new and existing facilities/instruments; growth in student enrollments, and funding sources.

Thomas is also responsible for managing the SWiFT facility, and works closely with TTU administration and general counsel to execute agreements for the project. Additionally, her role focuses on multidisciplinary collaborations that include (and also extend) beyond SWiFT to support the overall wind enterprise at TTU. She specializes in research proposal development and assists in maintaining critical relationships regarding wind for the Institute. Dr. Thomas' passion for multi-, trans– and interdisciplinary teams is evident through her current work in identifying empirical links between interpersonal and intellectual dimensions in multidisciplinary research work.

Finally, NWI serves as the hub for interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary education, research, and commercialization related to wind engineering, energy and predication and measurement. NWI offers university-wide research opportunities and employs fifteen full-time & administrative and technical staff members, 12 research and doctoral professors, and seven instructors. In addition, 35 active faculty affiliates from five different colleges and 13 departments participate in NWI course instruction and research. The program houses 11 doctoral students, and 170 undergraduate students.